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The Brand

Herbman Hustlin is a lifestyle brand that celebrates and champions the diversity and hustle of people in the cannabis and hemp space. We design and sell high end premium apparel, with the aim of destigmatizing cannabis branded clothing and provide quality and variety outside of stereotypical ‘stoner’ designs.

Herbman Hustlin is a representation of anyone that uses herb to support their hustle; from growers, vendors, artists, musicians, headshops and edible chefs, to consumers that medicate at the end of a hard day at work and for whom cannabis is an essential part of their lives.  We want our clothing to give you the confidence to proudly represent the plant and believe that we should have the freedom express ourselves without judgement.

Our motto ‘Out of Many One People’ is inspired by the Jamaican national motto, giving tribute to the unity of the different cultures inhabiting the island. At Herbman Hustlin we see the cannabis movement in the same way; A community that embraces people from different walks of life and backgrounds who are unified though their love and appreciation of the benefits of the herb. This aligns with the Herbman Hustlin purpose where we look to unite, recognise and represent our diverse community through the brand.

The Clothing - High Quality for the High Consumer

Our range is unisex and includes our staple logo designs on tees, hoodies, tracksuits, shorts and caps as well as exclusive limited drops of our seasonal capsule collections. A Herbgal Hustlin range was launched in 2020 and in 2021 we introduced an organic range as well as expanding the brand to include smoking accessories available at www.herbmanhustlin.co.uk.

Our collections are constantly evolving, and we want our unique designs to be a part of your everyday wardrobe. We never compromise on the quality of the products in our range and work tirelessly to source premium materials, as well as utilising the finest printing and embroidery techniques to offer you the high quality and attention to detail you would expect from your favourite designer and high street store.

We only collaborate and work with likeminded brands and suppliers to ensure that we consistently provide you with the quality you deserve, and guarantee comfort and durability throughout our entire collection.

Who is behind the Brand?

The founder behind Herbman Hustlin is also known as ‘Herbman Hustlin’ and is based in London, UK. 

He has been a part of the UK community since 2017 after leaving his corporate job on 420 and started marketing in the cannabis space. He attended many events and clubs, meeting likeminded ‘Herbman’ and ‘Herbgal’ Hustlers along the way and was inspired by the diversity of people that he met that used herb to facilitate their hustle.

He came to the realisation that ‘Herbman Hustlin’ was more than just an alias, it was a way of life for many and that realisation drove him to fully focus on creating a lifestyle brand that many in the cannabis space could identify with and in 2019 the Herbman Hustlin brand was born.

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